It's now easier to compost!

"For quick, easy, and convenient food scrap disposal, you need this compost bin in your kitchen!" - Melissa Fleming Epps for QVC.

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Introducing Compost Genie®

Hands-free, patent-pending, stainless steel compost bin.
Available in 3 stylish colors.

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New! Compost Genie® Bin

A smart and convenient solution to
simplify food waste disposal.

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Thanks to our proprietary ventilation system, this high-capacity, hands-free composting bin offers easy cleaning and helps prevent odors.

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About Compost Genie®

We believe in simplifying sustainable living, so families can enjoy more quality time together. Our Compost Genie bin features a hands-free design and includes a proprietary aeration system, which is the secret to help control odors. Embracing eco-friendly habits has never been easier with Compost Genie.