Compost Genie® Bin

Meet the new Compost Genie bin from the Genie Family of products you know and trust. The Compost Genie is more than just a simple bin; it is your new ally for efficient food waste management and disposal. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this sleek looking white stand-alone compost bin is your new kitchen essential for composting. Designed for indoor use, it features a proprietary ventilation system, which, along with the included carbon filter, provides enhanced odor control. The bin's aeration system maintains fresh and clean air around the bag, helping to minimize humidity accumulation. This beginner-friendly compost bin is easy to use, making it ideal for those new to organic waste composting. To provide convenient access, it operates totally hands-free, allowing users to use a foot pedal to dispose of food waste. With a large capacity suitable for daily use, the Compost Genie bin can handle substantial amounts of household food waste, including vegetable scraps.

    How to Use
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    • Helps prevent odors with our proprietary ventilation system and high-efficiency carbon filter.
    • Easy to clean with removable hand-washable parts.
    • Made of sturdy and durable, stainless steel.
    • High capacity for daily usage - the bags can hold up to 6.8kg/ 15 lbs.
    • Hands-free operation with a convenient foot pedal.
    • Easy tear-off compostable bags that are made with planted-based materials.
    • Available in 3 colors (white, silver and black) to match the aesthetics of any kitchen.
    • Compostable bags designed for commercial composting and conform to ASTM D6400.
    • The bin includes one carbon filter and 8 compostable bags, allowing for immediate use upon purchase.
    • Certain waste types may not be compostable based on local regulations. Compostable where facilities exist.

    4 Simple Steps

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    Compost Genie® Refill Bags

    Compost Genie® easy tear-off compostable bags are made from plant-based materials and can hold up to 6.8 kg (15 lbs) of food waste.

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    Compost Genie® Carbon Filters

    The Compost Genie® Carbon Filters absorb and minimize odors, with a pack of 4 lasting up to 4 months.

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