Support & FAQs

Compost Genie is durable and rust-proof, thanks to its stainless steel construction. It offers a high composting capacity, ideal for families, and stands out as the first bin to feature a foot pedal for added convenience. Easy to clean, it has removable parts and provides superior odor and humidity control through its proprietary ventilation system and carbon filter.

Generally, anyone can use a Compost Genie bin and opt to use compostable bags for their organic waste. However, If you're planning to put out compostable waste for collection, check your local waste management policies. Some municipalities offer curbside composting services and have specific guidelines on how to dispose of organic waste, including the use of compostable bags.

Yes, you will need to purchase Compost Genie refill bags specifically designed for the bin. These refill bags, which come on a roll and are easy to tear off, fit the system perfectly, ensuring minimal leaks. They are sturdy and resistant, and conforming to the ASTM D6400 standards.

The Compost Genie bin includes 8 compostable refill bags and a carbon filter, allowing you to start composting immediately after purchase.

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