Compost Genie® Carbon Filters

Compost Genie carbon filters facilitate indoor composting by absorbing and minimizing odors. Composting organic waste often produces strong smells, Compost Genie carbon filters help maintain better air quality and contain odors, reducing the presence of flies attracted to food waste. These filters also helpt to regulate airflow into the compost bin, crucial for efficient food decomposition. Easy to use, the Compost Genie carbon filters should be replaced every 30 days or when they lose effectiveness. The activated charcoal is safe and natural, making it suitable for use in potties and gym bags as well. This pack includes 4 carbon filters.

    How to Use
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    • Safe and natural, keep your kitchen and household fresh.
    • Absorbs and minimizes odors of indoor composting.
    • Facilitates food decomposition by regulating airflow in the compost bin.
    • The carbon filter should be replaced every 30 days.
    • Multi-usage, can be utilized in your Compost Genie bin, your potties or your gym bags.
    Remove the carbon filter from the plastic wrap and insert it in the plastic case.
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    Compost Genie® Bin

    The latest member of the Genie Family! New stainless steel Compost Genie® bin includes one carbon filter and 8 easy tear-off compostable bags.

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