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Starting Your Kitchen Composting Journey with Compost Genie

Starting Your Kitchen Composting Journey with Compost Genie

Welcome to the world of composting! Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just beginning your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, using a kitchen compost bin is a simple yet impactful step you can take. The Compost Genie bin is designed to make this process as effortless and odor-free as possible, right from your kitchen. Let's dive into how to get started, what to compost, and some essential tips to ensure your composting journey is a success. 

Why Start Kitchen Composting? 

Kitchen composting reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills, where it would release methane, a potent greenhouse gas. By composting, you're converting kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost that can enhance soil health, support plant growth, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers in gardens. 

Getting Started with Your Compost Genie Bin 

The Compost Genie bin is your new partner in sustainable living. It's designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen routine. Here’s how to get started: 

  • Set Up Your Bin: Place your Compost Genie bin in a convenient location in your kitchen. Thanks to its sleek design, it won't be an eyesore or take up too much space. 
  • Use the Right Bags: Your Compost Genie comes with compostable refill bags, designed to perfectly fit the bin and minimize leaks. These bags are sturdy, resistant, and meet ASTM D6400 standards for compostability. 
  • Start Composting: Begin by adding kitchen scraps to the bin. A good mix of 'greens' and 'browns' will help maintain a healthy compost balance. 

What to Compost 

Your kitchen compost bin thrives on a diet of both 'green' and 'brown' materials. Greens are nitrogen-rich materials, and browns are carbon-rich. Here’s what you can add: 


  • Fruit and vegetable scraps 
  • Coffee grounds and filters 
  • Tea bags (without staples) 
  • Fresh plant materials  

  • Eggshells (crushed) 
  • Bread and grains 
  • Nutshells 
  • Paper towels and napkins (unbleached, not oil-soaked) 

What to Avoid 

Not everything from your kitchen should find its way into your compost bin. Avoid these items to prevent strong odors, pests, and other composting pitfalls: 

  • Meat, fish, and poultry 
  • Dairy products 
  • Fats, oils, and grease 
  • Pet wastes 

Composting vs. Recycling 

It's crucial not to confuse composting with recycling. Composting is the process of breaking down organic matter into soil conditioner. Recycling involves processing materials (like paper, glass, and plastic) to make them into new products. While both practices are eco-friendly, they serve different purposes and require separate bins and handling processes. 

Checking Local Regulations 

Before diving into composting with compostable bags, check your local regulations. Some areas have specific requirements for composting, including what can be composted, how to dispose of compostable waste, and whether compostable bags are accepted by municipal composting facilities. Adhering to these guidelines ensures your composting efforts are both effective and compliant. 

Maintaining Your Compost Genie Bin 

To keep your composting experience positive and efficient, follow these simple maintenance tips: 

  • Balance Your Compost: Aim for a good mix of greens and browns to keep your compost healthy and favor decomposition. 
  • Use Compost Genie compostable bags: Using the custom bags ensures minimal leaks. 
  • Clean Your Bin: The Compost Genie’s design makes it easy to clean, especially with its removable parts. A quick rinse or wipe down can keep it smelling fresh. 
  • Regularly replace the carbon filter: Changing the carbon filter every 30 days helps maintain odor control and efficiency. 

The Benefits of Composting 

By starting your kitchen composting journey, you're not just reducing waste; you're actively contributing to a healthier planet. Composting enriches the soil, reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, and helps lower your carbon footprint. 

Kitchen composting with the Compost Genie bin is a straightforward and rewarding way to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. By understanding what to compost, maintaining your bin, and following local regulations, you'll be well on your way to making a positive impact on the environment. Happy composting! 


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